Great writers are writers who revise, who bury themselves in paper wads as they write their way into one pristine paragraph, or even just one precise sentence. Our title, The PaperWad, foregrounds the effort that goes into truly impressive writing. We publish a selection of the best writing, both creative and critical, from the Composition courses at Defiance College.

Through this web magazine, it is our hope that students will develop a taste for the pleasures of publishing . . . after the sometimes painful process of thinking through, revising, and polishing their writing.

The PaperWad serves multiple purposes. It provides an immediate audience for our writers, allowing students to focus much more concretely on the crucial and interrelated issues of audience and purpose. For professors, the magazine provides sample essays that may serve as ready models in classroom discussions.

The review and selection process is straightforward: Composition instructors nominate works for inclusion, or students may submit their own work. For any creative works not written for a Composition course, please consider submitting to Progeny, the literary and photography magazine of DC. Please email all submissions to Dr. MC Harper.

The PaperWad is sponsored by the Defiance College Composition Program.