The instructors of the Composition Program represent a wealth of experience and knowledge. Each instructor is dedicated to productive and enjoyable classes.


Todd ComerTodd Comer

Prof Todd completed his MA and PhD in American literature and film at Michigan State University. Prior to his time at Michigan State University, Todd worked as a reporter, copywriter, and librarian. He earned his BA (English and History) at Taylor University and was born and raised in West Virginia. He has two young children and a brilliant wife, Dawn, who teaches creative writing at Defiance College.

Comer Sommers book coverTodd has co-edited Sexual Ideology in the Works of Alan Moore: Critical Essays on the Graphic Novels (McFarland, 2012) and Terror and the Cinematic Sublime: Essays on Violence and the Unpresentable in Post-9/11 Films (McFarland, 2013).

Todd is currently working on two different book projects--one an ecological reading of the films of Peter Weir (a monograph under contract with Bloomsbury) as well as a co-edited collection (What Comes After Occupy? The Regional Politics of Resistance) focused on a critical examination of Occupy Wall Street politics in order to clear space for a future politics which, as of yet, goes under no name. It will be published in early 2015 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Todd is also currently writing a chapter on "The Hidden Architecture of Disability: Chris Ware’s Building Stories" to be published in Feats of Clay: Disability and the Graphic Novel (Chris Foss and Zach Whalen, eds).

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Lisa Crumit-HancockLisa Crumit-Hancock began serving DC as part-time instructor in August 1991. She is Director of Student Academic Support Services.

I believe Composition is all about exercising and improving one’s reading, writing and researching skills. So in preparing to write this biography, I decided to do a little research and asked my family for some input. My daughter said I am “a very intelligent mother of two loving children” and my son said I am “the best mommy in the world.” I obviously have reared them well, but they might be a little biased. My husband of over fifteen years, John Hancock (yes, that is really his name and don’t ask him to sign his “John Hancock” because he will), decided to plead the fifth. It became clear in this “research process” that I needed to just take matters into my own hands and simply move on to the drafting process. This is what I finally decided upon:

I am a first generation Ohioan with strong Appalachian roots. I completed my BA in English and History at Defiance College and then completed my MA in American Culture Studies at BGSU. I taught for several years at NSCC and in 2005 began to teach at my alma mater, DC. Due to my interdisciplinary interests and training, I have taught a variety of courses in English, Philosophy, History, and the Arts and Humanities. At Defiance College, I teach Composition, Global Civilization, and most recently First Year Seminar. In 2011, I was appointed Learning Commons Manager, providing support for all academic programs on the Defiance College campus.  More recently in 2013, I took the position of Director of Student Academic Support Services, which encompasses not only continuing to manage Learning Commons’ services but, also, to facilitate the First Year Experience Program, the Bridge Program, and the Connections Program; provide academic advising to at-risk students; and oversee Retention efforts at DC.

In both CO 125 and 225, I focus on writing as a process, collaborative learning, and critical thinking skills. I use the concept that the “world is a text” (borrowed from The World is a Text by Rader and Silverman) to persuade students to read the world around them both formally and informally. Through course discussion, group work and formal assignments, I encourage students to read, write and research the popular culture they interact with every day and not take the way(s) it affects them and the way(s) they use it for granted.

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Lenore Doctor

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Amy Drees

Professor Drees received her M.A. from Case Western Reserve University and is currently completing her Ph.D. in American Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University. She is an Assistant Professor of Arts & Humanities at Defiance College, with expertise in Graphic Design, Literature, and Composition.

She is the current chair of the "Death Studies" area of the Midwestern Popular Cultural Association/American Culture Association Conference, an orgainzer of the 2012 Battleground States Conference, and a conference presenter on a wide range of topics, including the relationship between the French idea of hospitality and U.S. immigration reform at the "Beyond Borders" Conference of Bluffton Univeristy.

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Eva English

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MC HarperMary Catherine Harper

Mary Catherine Harper is a professor and the endowed McCann Chair in the Humanities at Defiance College in Ohio, where she teaches literature and creative writing and directs the Composition Program. She received her Ph.D. in literary theory and creative writing at Bowling Green State University and her undergraduate degree at Montana State University. Her creative projects include both poetry and website design, and she explores ways in which poetry intersects the visual arts and cultural representation.

She has worked in Cambodia on a language arts/ethnography project, is co-organizer of the retreat for artists and writers,SwampFire, and has had the poetic reader’s theater piece “A Quarrel of Voices” performed at the Interdisciplinary International Women's Studies Conference. Her poetry has appeared in The New England Review,, The Cleveland Reader, The Bozeman Er, and Masque, and she was awarded the 2013 Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize.

Professor Harper has also published articles on women’s science fiction in Science Fiction Studies, Extrapolation, FemSpec, and The New York Review of Science Fiction. She writes on a range of postmodern literary texts, including the article "Figuring the Midwestern Grotesque in Louise Erdrich’s Novels", which appeared in a 2012 issue of Studies in American Indian Literatures. Her most recent publications are chapters on Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novel in Critical Insights: The Graphic Novel, edited by Gary Hoppenstand, and Fabricating the Body: Effects of Obligation and Exchange in Contemporary Discourses, edited by Sarah Burcon.

She is the advisor for Progeny, the student-edited literary and photography magazine of Defiance College. Click here to view Progeny.

For more information, see MC's website.
To view the activities of SwampFire, the retreat for artists and writers, see SwampFire.



Jeff Lauer

Jeff Lauer's training is interdisciplinary, within the fields of Philosophy, Communication, and Rhetoric & Composition. He is interested in why people come to believe what they think they believe … the kind of information that makes us who we are that cannot be easily known by others except by long companionship … metaphoric, inductive knowledge through narratives that form personalities, belief systems, and social groups.

Bowling Green State University, ABD
University of Notre Dame, MA  2008
Purdue University, AAS, BA   1992
Areas of Interest
Philosophy of Communication and Rhetoric
Critical Thinking
Philosophy of Religion
Introduction to Philosophy
Critical Thinking
Critical Inquiry
World Religions

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Linda Nieman

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Dorothy SingerDorothy Singer

While earning an undergraduate degree in history from Marietta College in 1976, I learned to love the possibilities of a small liberal arts college and the rural setting of a river town.  Following graduation, I started and stopped a graduate program before becoming immersed in experiential learning of family and community.  I spent ten years working part-time at OSU Extension, where I facilitated the juvenile diversion program for Defiance County.  As our children passed through the hard work of adolescent accomplishment, I was able to find respite in the distance learning course offerings at the University of Toledo. I completed a Master’s of Liberal Studies in 2013 where my thesis project focused on the local foods movement in Northwest Ohio.

I am indebted to the support of my partner, a full time faculty member at Northwest State Community College, and to our four adult children who inform our world and keep us humble.  It is a privilege to work with the composition team at Defiance College under the tutelage of Drs. MC Harper and Todd Comer.

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Kristin Sorensen

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Tim Wedge

Currently an Assistant Professor of Practice at Defiance College, Tim Wedge has been working in the field of information technology for 30 years, and has been in the field of computer forensics / high tech crime for the past 13 years. His non-fiction articles and papers have been published in The Informant, DFI News, and The Journal of Digital Forensic Science and Law. His poems and short stories have been published in Progeny and Moments, Moods, and Memories. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (summa cum laude) and a Master’s in Criminal Justice.

After retiring from the U.S. Navy in 2001, he was a computer crime specialist at the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) for more than 8 years, during which he developed and delivered more than a dozen basic, intermediate and advanced courses in computer forensics and online investigation, and taught more than three thousand law enforcement officers. Through NW3C’s partnership with Purdue University, he was also visiting faculty at Purdue University from 2005 to 2009, teaching several computer forensics courses, and collaborating with Purdue faculty on several computer forensic research projects.

He also conducted computer forensic examinations for U.S.
Military Intelligence, where he encountered instances of human
trafficking. This resulted in a profound shift in his career goals
to direct his talents to the fight against human trafficking. He has
been invited to present on the subject in a variety of forums in
such diverse places as Fairmont, West Virginia, and Doha, Qatar.
He currently teaches Digital Forensic Science at Defiance
College, in Ohio. When not actually teaching, or pursuing
research opportunities to develop new methods for detecting
and investigating human trafficking cases, he is working on short
stories, and a novel, The Adventures of Billy the Lawnmower Boy.

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