August 2014 Composition Workshop

Composition Program professors for Fall 2014 include Todd Comer, Lenore Doctor, Eva English, Mary Catherine Harper, Jeff Lauer, Linda Nieman, and Dorothy Singer. Amy Drees, who also teaches in the program, was also involved in the workshop, as were Lisa Crumit-Hancock, Director of Student Academic Support Services, Michelle Blank, Director of Pilgrim Library, Alex Hauser, Instructional Librarian,and Garrett Davis, Research Graduate Assistant. Lunchtime brought more librarians to the table . . . Barb Sedlock and Collette Knight.

Here are photos of the August 6 workshop. Also check out biographies under the "Instructors" link.

Alex Hauser explaining library services as Dorothy Singer studies her notes

Todd Comer notices the camera as Michelle Blank describes library webpages

Jeff Lauer and Amy Drees just taking it all in

Lisa Crumit-Hancock details Student Academic Support Services as Garrett Davis and Collette Knight listen

Jeff Lauer, Alex Hauser, and Barb Sedlock just after lunch

Amy Drees searching for a blog on her computer as Lenore Doctor listens to the Comp I blog assignment

Eva English and Jeff Lauer, during the overview of 2014-15 changes to the Composition Program