Welcome to Defiance College Composition Program.

The Program is devoted to its audience, the students of Defiance College. As composition instructors, we are concerned on the most fundamental level with the full development of analytical thinking and writing.

Most first-year Defiance College students take AH110 (Writing the Self in Culture) in the Fall and AH120 (Writing the World) in the Spring, and some students also take AH 109 (Writing Workshop) to give them extra practice with academic reading and writing. Writing the Self and Writing the World are sequenced for skill development, which is to say that students practice the same skills in both courses . . . but with the expectation that AH120 work will show much deeper critical thinking, reading, and writing than work in AH110. See the Philosophy page to get a fuller sense of the principles that help us help students.

The Composition Program publishes an online web magazine, The PaperWad, where the best student writing is published in the spring.

The Compositon Program encourages instructors to develop innovative class methods. An example is one of instructor Jerri Courtney's Fall 2011 activities for AH110.

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The August Workshop each year brings the program's instructors, Director of the First-Year Experience, Instructional Librarian of Pilgrim Library, Learning Commons Manager, and Composition Director together to develop learning strategies for the incoming first-year class.

Composition Workshop Lunch

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